Downing Teal´s leadership is based on our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the market, the different technical specialties, and the cultural characteristics related to the different positions that enhance an organization.

Each stage of the recruitment and selection process is managed with a service of excellence. Our commitment is a personalized work, tailored to the requirements of each position and client, and developed with special consideration on every step necessary to find the candidates that best fit the profile and experience required.

A detailed knowledge of the industrial sector enables us to provide a better service.

Our experience and prestige attest to the quality of our services, which are based on a thorough methodology and professionals who care for the processes confidentiality and committed relationships with clients and candidates.

We have comprehensive experience in a wide range of positions such as Corporate Directors, General Managers, Division Managers , Sub Managers, Superintendents, Senior Engineers, and Chiefs.

We know the different disciplines and specializations of the most important production sectors, varied engineering specialties, the particular organizational cultures, and executive skills necessary for each. Therefore, we are capable of reaching out to search for suitable professionals in each process we undertake, regardless of the specialty, background and experience required.

Downing Teal operates and maintains one of the recruitment industry's most detailed, highest quality and systemized databases. Available across our global network, this database is used extensively and continually updated.

The use of this database together with our global industry contacts enables us to identify the highest quality candidates to clients, coupled with speed and efficiency.