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We specialize in the recruitment of executives and professionals for the mining, energy (electrical & hydrocarbons), construction & engineering industries, and industrial sectors.

Recognized worldwide as one of the leading recruitment consultancies in these fields, we are part of an international network of Australian origin with more than 45 years of experience. Through this, Downing Teal is present in Australia, South Africa, United States, Canada, Brazil, Chile and Peru.

Teamwork, together with access to our global network, benefits both our clients and candidates. We are committed to providing satisfaction, quality, and confidentiality.

Downing Teal has developed a strong client focus and has rigorous measures to avoid any conflict or disadvantage to them in recruitment selection. As a professional recruitment consultancy, we also recognize and value the confidential relationship we have with all candidates in all circumstances.


A leading international organization at your service


Founded in Perth in 1966. Present in the following cities: Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Gladstone.

South Africa

Global Alliance: Bryan Kaschula Associates. Founded in Johannesburg in 1983.


Founded in Santiago in 2001.


Founded in Denver in 2001.


Founded in Callgary in 2007. Global Alliance C.J. Stafford and Associates in Toronto. Founded in 1981.


Founded in Sao Paulo in 2015.